Laptop Lunches #52

Banana slices and red grapes, two more of the banana peanut butter chocolate mini muffins, a cup of yogurt ranch dressing for dipping the snow peas into, and leftover macaroni and cheese mixed with slices of mini smoked sausages.

I am a big fan of the re-invented leftover. This is how I avoided having the same lunch two days in a row, and how I managed to eat up the rest of the macaroni. However, the sausages and the grapes do kind of mirror one another in texture, so there is not as much contrast in this meal as I would like. It was too late once I realized this, so here we are. It tasted good, and sometimes that is all that really matters.


  1. How do you get your dressing to not spill all over the placed when tipped?

  2. The little orange cup has a lid. I've gotten good at not putting the lid on before I take the picture, but it does make an appearance in some posts, or when I have to put the cup sideways to fit everything in.


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