Laptop Lunches #53

This isn't the prettiest thing ever but I'm proud of it for other reasons. Red grapes, a Babybel wheel of cheddar, pistacios, improvisational vegetable curry, and rice.

The reason why I am proud of it is the vegetable curry. It was entirely the invention of my push to try to waste less food and use up things before I forget they exist. I won't call this a New Year's resolution, really, just an ideal I'm striving toward. In any case, I had about 1/4 of a jar of korma sauce leftover from a recipe I'd tried, and odds and ends of veggies in my refrigerator drawer, and some leftover scallopped potatoes. I stir fried some sliced carrots, asparagus pieces, chopped onion, and cauliflower for a bit, then threw in the korma sauce. It wasn't quite enough sauce, so I added some cream (also needs to be used up), a cinnamon stick, some curry powder, and a few handfuls of shredded coconut, and threw in the potatoes with the thought that butter, milk, and salt and pepper wouldn't hurt the flavor. And it was quite successful, and made two meals--a dinner and this lunch--with rice. I saved money and a little bit of energy. For that, I deserve brownie points, if not actual brownies.


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