Laptop Lunches #51

Since the duck and I had plans that did not work well for packing a lunch, this lunch did not involve leftover duck. While making the stock last night, I whipped up some macaroni and cheese I got from Target. Archer Farms used to be the best macaroni and cheese I could find anywhere. Now they've changed their formula and I am woefully disappointed. But I've come to realize that Archer Farms is unreliable; they get rid of and change all sorts of things constantly. You can't fall in love with Archer Farms. Archer Farms will break your heart.

So I have a salad of mixed greens, tomato wedges, and red onion with yogurt ranch dressing, two homemade banana peanut butter chocolate mini muffins, leftover macaroni and cheese, and some random fruit I had around: pomegranate seeds, a few kiwi slices, and a kumquat, cut in half and pitted.

I really wish the banana peanut butter chocolate mini muffins had turned out to be as good as they sounded. For now I am refraining from giving my recipe, because it needs tweaking--more sugar; perhaps actual chocolate rather than cocoa powder, and a drizzle of chocolate on top. But I can tell you that the ones baked in the silicone cups rose much better than the ones in paper cups. I couldn't believe the difference when I looked at them side by side.

Meanwhile, the duck and I had a fun night tonight:

There was so much duck stock that I have some in ice cube trays, freezing., and there's still quite a lot of this soup left. A chilly night needs a good bowl of bun vit mang, even if it is missing the bamboo shoots because there are none to be had in my grocery store.


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