Laptop Lunches #68

Gala apple and swiss slices, grape tomatoes (to fill in the space because I didn't have enough apple), carrot sticks, a cup of yogurt-ranch (lid on, because today I thought it looked prettier that way), a chickpea cake with cucumber-yogurt sauce in a silicone cup, and yellow and green bell pepper strips.

The chickpea cakes came from (what else?) the America's Test Kitchen Cooking for Two 2010. I have other years but this week I guess I am stuck in 2010. I was flipping through 2011 last night, though, and getting all sorts of inspiration.

One thing I would say about making the chickpea cakes for lunch is that instead of making two large ones, which are about burger size (and, incidentally, would have been fantastic tucked into pita bread with the sauce and some tomato slices and lettuce--if I'd had pita...), I would suggest making them into much smaller little cakes. They tend to crumble if you move them around too much, and having little cakes might make them finger food. In any case, this is an experiment worth attempting at some point in the future, because I liked these more than I thought I would.


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