Laptop Lunches #70

Chicken patties, a small green salad with slices of carrot and chopped yellow bell pepper, three rather large strawberries, a bit of yogurt-ranch dressing for the salad, and red pepper relish.

This is not one of my better attempts--way too much empty space. Cutting the strawberries up would have helped. I think the chicken patties would have looked nicer tucked into a bed of lettuce. But I was in a bit of a hurry.

The chicken patties worked out well, though, at least with the pepper relish. I think without it I would have needed to have seasoned them more. But this is what I did:

1/3 leftover cooked chicken breast
1/3 small onion
1 slice stale bagguette
1 egg
1 sprig of curly-leaf parsley, chopped

Chop chicken and onion together in a blender or small food processor/chopper. Dump into medium bowl. Process the bread slice until crumbs. Add to chicken mixture with egg and parsley. Mix well. Form into small patties and cook in a nonstick skillet until browned on both sides (about two minutes each side).

Because sometimes, you just don't want to have a plain leftover chicken cutlet.


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