Laptop Lunches #69

Sorry the picture is a bit crooked today. I had a hard time getting a clear shot this morning. But here we are: cucumber slices, grape tomatoes, carrot sticks, a mixture of pineapple tidbits and chunks of kiwi, wheat crackers, red pepper relish over an ounce of cream cheese (well hidden, but trust me, it is there!) and a whole stuffed egg with dill mix. I garnished the slices with extra dill, because I have actual, fresh dill on hand.

The red pepper relish, from (what else?) America's Test Kitchen Cooking for Two 2010, is quite unusual, but I really like it--sort of sweet and spicy in a way that is very different than the sweet and spicy pickled onions. It's almost like a jam or jelly with a slight kick. (I could have added more red pepper flakes for a serious kick.) You could leave out the spiciness altogether and it would still be a really nice flavor--a very strong, bell pepper flavor--hard to describe, but worth it and fairly easy to do.


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