Laptop Lunches #119

I'm tempted to call this What Not to Do.

A golden kiwi, a quarter of a chocolate chocolate chip muffin, cucumber lettuce soup (Good Food F-A-S-T), and some quartered Love Beets (sweetfire).

Golden kiwis should probably only appear in conjunction with regular old green kiwis for contrast, because they just look washed out here.

The soup was promised to "taste like the essence of all things green." Also, it could be made ahead the night before and served cold. The green cup in my Laptop Lunches lunchbox has a lid, so I figured that would be all right. It didn't spill, but it tasted like cucumber-flavored buttermilk. Also, unlike the picture, it turned out to look like slightly greenish buttermilk, instead of a nice, spring green. I like cucumber soup but I'll keep looking for an appropriate recipe.

It's a good thing I wasn't all that hungry at lunch today.


  1. Sometimes, lunch just doesn't look appealing. I made a bento yesterday that just seemed so washed out... and funny how the better a lunch looks, the tastier it is!


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