Laptop Lunches #121

Terra chips (Stripes & Blues); grapes; pinwheels made from tortillas with whipped chive cream cheese, spinach, and roast beef; and carrots with yogurt ranch dressing for dipping.

'Tis the season for lots of free lunches on campus, so this is kind of a rare bird.

I love Terra chips in all forms. These were a new one. I kept passing them and saying to myself, "You should not pay $4 for a bag of chips!" But if something calls to me for months I do usually give in. The Stripes & Blues are candy striped beets, red sweet potatoes, and blue potatoes, and they're fabulous. I think it counts as a vegetable, don't you?


  1. Yes, it counts as a vegetable! :) Especially if they've been calling to you for months.

  2. Totally understand about those Terra chips!! Gosh they're good dang it!! Great looking lunch here, will have to copy the lovely pinwheels! ^.^


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