Laptop Lunches #120 (Plus New Utensils)

I have new utensils! But more on that after lunch.

Some macaroni and cheese snacks from Hot Pockets; carrot sticks; a mixture of banana slices, red grapes, and blackberries; colossal black olives; and a cup of tomato hummus.

I'm not impressed with the Hot Pockets snacks. They were very bland. I have some recipes for turning macaroni and cheese into finger food that I intend to try in a few weeks. I don't know whether it is a commentary on the food supply or my cooking that no matter what tempts me in the realm of prepared foods, it seems like I can make something better myself. Oh, well.

Onward! New utensils! My Laptop Lunches lunchbox utensils (from the 1.0 set; I never did acquire a 2.0 set no matter how much I drooled over them) had broken. I was using too-small cocktail forks and spoons. And then I saw this in a store downtown and had to have it.

I found this set online, too. It's relatively inexpensive, but so cool! I tried to demonstrate in the picture above the way the chopsticks unscrew so you can fold them up, but then I decided to take more pictures of that:

The whole set fits into its blue case:

And the whole case fits into the utensil slot in the Laptop Lunches box, but I just stuck the fork and spoon in there today. It's very pretty and very clever. Not bad for the $9.50 I spent.

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  1. I was almost ready to emigrate to the US for mac and cheese hot pockets until your second paragraph. Thank goodness I'm not a tl;dr type of girl! (Not that any tl;dr meter was pinged at all <3) I agree, home made is often best, so are you with me in trying mac and cheese wrapped in a tortilla and placed lovingly into a panini press?

    1. That's an interesting idea! I don't have a panini press, though. The recipes I have are for making a kind of macaroni and cheese nugget of sorts. You don't really need a wrapper at all. We'll see!

      Emigrate to the U.S. for Peanut Butter & Co., if you're going to pick a food company. Or for the salsa you can get in Texas (how I miss it).


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