Laptop Lunches #122

Salmon cakes with homemade tartar sauce (America's Test Kitchen Cooking for Two 2012) wedged in with a wheel of Babybel cheese; carrot sticks, red bell pepper strips, and snow peas with a cup of yogurt-ranch dressing; and chunks of nectarine.

Making my own tartar sauce is something I've done before, although what I call "tartar sauce" is usually just dill pickle relish mixed into mayo. This was so much better. I had to buy capers for the first time to make it, but I think it was worth it. The salmon cakes were good, too, although I am still uncertain whether I think buying fresh salmon and then chopping it up into little pieces is truly the best use of fresh salmon.

I haven't fallen off the wagon here, incidentally; there are just a lot of opportunities for free lunch in the early weeks of the term, so fewer packed lunches. This was for a lunch meeting where we just get free cookies (and ultimately my lunch meeting got cancelled at the last minute, so I didn't get any cookies, sadly).

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