Laptop Lunches #158

Green bean salad (made with yesterday's basil vinaigrette and some toasted almonds), sour cream, caramel flavored apple chips, mushroom pierogies, and kielbasa sautéed with onions and colorful bell peppers.

Pierogies are a Polish dumpling, typically made from either some mixture of potatoes and something, or a mixture of sauerkraut and something, or fruit. This was potatoes and mushrooms. They're quite lovely, especially with sausage and sour cream, but like most things with mashed potatoes in them, will need a quick flash in the microwave to be appetizing at lunchtime.


  1. Those pierogies look good. Did you make them yourself?

    1. They were frozen, but I did saute them, which surely counts for something, right? Lol. If I ever do want to have the kind that is anything other than potatoes and something around here, though, I'll probably have to make them myself!


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