Laptop Lunches #169

Chocolate yogurt, mandarin oranges, butternut squash/caramelized leek/goat cheese pizza, and cucumber slices.

The pizza was idea I found on the web somewhere, and it didn't quite work. It was edible, but it needed lots of red pepper flakes to be appetizing, and the leftovers left so much to be desired that I doubt I can face it again. But the basic premise is still good, I think--butternut squash soup as the sauce, topped with caramelized leeks and a strong cheese. Just use better soup. Or an even stronger cheese. I do not know.

However, making rectangular pizzas does make a lot more sense than round ones for lunch packing. That, at least, was a victory.

The other lesson I learned (which really I already knew) is that trimming your own leeks is just not worth the trouble, and I should buy the pre-trimmed version available at one store around here, rather than the huge, un-trimmed ones that take up half my fridge. But I will not rule out leeks. Leeks are worth eating, for sure!


  1. My OH is Welsh, and the Wales national vegetable is a leek! On St David's day (patron saint) there are some parades where they have a leek pinned to their coat...
    Anyway, I agree that leeks are great to add flavour to dishes..

    Also, I was wondering about the laptop lunchbox, I don't have one of those, so am not familiar with it, but does it come with leak proof containers for the chocolate yogurt?

    1. The green container has a lid, and it's not usually leaky unless you don't manage to get it on quite right. My chocolate yogurt stayed where it was meant to stay.

      Leeks are fantastic, yes! I just wish this pizza turned out better.


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