Laptop Lunches #161

Vegetable fried rice, a blueberry mochi, some soy sauce in the cup, a nectarine, and chicken shu mai.

I bought some stir fry sauce a long (embarrassingly long) time ago and never used it. So last night I got the bright idea to make a stir fry with the stir fry vegetables in the freezer I had purchased an equally embarrassingly long time ago. Here are a few problems with that:

1. The sauce was alarmingly sweet
2. I paired it with long-grain rice, which really doesn't work super well with Asian food (in comparison to medium-grain rice), plus has a tendency to harden overnight in the fridge

So I went to pack the stir fry, which I was going to try to power though in spite of the sweetness, and found the rice to be a brick. Well, Ph.D. candidates are nothing if not resourceful, so I decided to do a quick fried rice and rationalized that I could also eat it for breakfast and thus not be wasting time.

It was fine, but I can't bear to finish off what remained in the fridge--I rarely have to throw leftovers out, but this, I am going to have to chuck. Sigh.

So...what goes good with really sweet stir fry sauce? Or do I just need to throw out 3/4 of a bottle of that, too?


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