Laptop Lunches #228

Korv Stroganoff, Calrose rice, orange slices, chocolate hazelnut mini biscotti, and Brussels sprouts tossed with hollandaise. (What can I say? I made a lot of Brussels sprouts and hollandaise. I love the combo, especially with a little cayenne pepper in the sauce. Mmm...)

One more "Mmm....," too: the Korv Stroganoff! The sauce came from a packet from lyktabento, and her instructions were to make it with hot dogs (presumably similar to the sausage used in Sweden). This is definitely my favorite Swedish savory item I've tried so far! I expected something more like beef stroganoff is in the U.S.--swimming in a sour cream sauce--but this was more tomato-flavored than cream of any sort, even though the creaminess came through.


  1. Looks almost like a creamy Indian sauce that's made with cashews and tomatoes!

  2. I'm glad you liked it! It's an everyday staple meal for lots of families with kids here and we had it often when I grew up. It's comfort food for me.

    When home made the sauce is made with cream with 15% fat and then seasoned with lots of tomato puree and/or ketchup and some soy sauce. So yes, very tomato-y. And we make it with Falukorv (Falu sausage) which is a very big kind of sausage: a slice is about 3" in diameter and one sausage weighs about 2 pounds. Very mild flavor and impossible to find anywhere outside Sweden. But I know swedes living in the US that makes it with hotdogs and say it's very similar.

    1. It reminded me of a similar dish my mother used to make, that had both beans and hot dogs in it, that she always served with macaroni and cheese. Sometimes when I really feel like I need comfort food, I'll have that.


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