Laptop Lunches #234

A simple salad of lettuce and tomato with almonds for crunch and ranch dressing in the blue cup, white chocolate flavored Pringles, leftover pasta salad with parmesan cheese on top, and kumquats.

White chocolate flavored Pringles are a bad idea. Pringles themselves are kind of a bad idea but I have some weird nostalgia about them. My father packed Pringles every day in his lunch and we were never allowed to eat the Pringles because of this. Pringles took on a mythical quality, as if they were some sort of ambrosia. They are not. But these were on clearance and I thought they would be coated in white chocolate, which is another thing entirely.

My disappointment will drive me to buy real chocolate covered potato chips next time I am at the store. See what you've done to me, Pringles?


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