Sakura 3-Tier Bento #5

This lunch box, much as I love it, is tricky to photograph. The shadow is hard to avoid in the mornings; all the non-shadowed photos were crooked. But I'm getting the hang of it.

A cheese blintz with a homemade blackberry sauce; eggs scrambled with onion, spinach, and grape tomatoes; half a clementine; and a punch roll ("vacuum cleaner candy") from lytkabento.

The blintz is a really lovely thing, especially with blackberry sauce. And it went well with eggs, even though I think a blintz is already pretty eggy (I had some egg whites leftover from all that hollandaise you've been seeing, so I had to do something with them, and the tomatoes were getting wrinkly and the spinach was--is--wilting a bit).

The punch roll is very Swedish, apparently. All while I ate it, I couldn't quite figure out what the flavor is, so I think it was probably the punch itself--arrak liqueur. My co-workers were so intrigued that one spent a while looking things up on her phone and asking me if that was what they tasted like: "Marzipan?" Yes--vaguely almond-like. "Cocoa powder?" Yes, a little chocolatey. "Cookie or cake crumbs?" Maybe...I really don't know! She then announced that it not only looks like a 1960s vacuum cleaner, but is also called "vacuum cleaner candy" because it is made with whatever crumbs the baker has "vacuumed" up. It is good, though, whatever it tastes like. Thanks again, lytkabento!

An amusing side note: the same co-worker asked, "Are you on some kind of Swedish diet?" I wonder what effect an all-Swedish diet would have on a typical American!

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  1. Yes, the flavor is the punch. And I think the factory made vacuum cleaners are made with oatmeal and not crumbs. Cheating a little, but more practical. But home made or bakery made ons are made with what ever crumbs are left over - or from cookies and cake that are to old to sell, but still good to eat. And it's just the green part that is marzipan, so that doesn't taste much.

    How fun that your colleagues are interested in the Swedish food! The vacuum cleaners can be found at IKEA, if you ever want more. :)


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