Laptop Lunches #236

Canned pears topped with cranberry-orange relish, black bean snaps, tortilla/olive/chive/cream cheese/lettuce pinwheels, a cherry tomato, yogurt ranch dressing (At last! The catered stuff is gone!), and baby-cut carrots.

I wish the black bean crisps were not so gray. I also wish they had more flavor to them, although the flavor is very strongly "black beans," so you can't get them on misleading you or anything. These would be great with a spicy sour cream dip, though, I think.

An aside: I have confirmed that I do not like canned pears, even when doctored up like this. But I think this would be a great idea with pears I poach myself.


  1. You should try putting a piece of After Eigth on each and bake them in the oven until the chocolate melts, then eat with vanilla ice cream. Very 70's dessert, but tasty!

  2. Every time you say "doctored up," is it an intentional pun?


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