Insulated Jar & Sides #5

Croutons, lobster corn chowder, and a sliced kiwi.

This soup was kind of odd. It was from a can and had hardly any corn, and you have to add cream to it. I'd never tried the brand before (Bar Harbor). I'll have to throw some corn in the leftovers and see if it improves matters. I rarely eat canned soup, but I'm just not feeling well this week and something had to give. (If I were a sensible person I'd just call in sick and stay home. We'll see when I get sensible and finally realize I'm a regularly employed person who gets paid sick leave. It's hard to get used to this concept after so many years of...not.) But anyway, my thought was that if I was going to get canned soup it might as well be decadent canned soup. And it's okay; I can add corn.


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