Sakura 3-Tier Bento #52

Mango sticks, orange slices, a blueberry blintz, sour cream, and eggs scrambled with spinach and tomato. Sometimes you just want breakfast at lunchtime. And if you play your cards right, breakfast for lunch still has fruit and veggies and protein and whatnot. This was a little lacking in grains, however--the blintz crepe is very eggy, although it does have some flour in it, I think.

Someone recently asked me about eating scrambled eggs at room temperature. This really doesn't bother me--in fact, I think I like them at room temperature as much or more than having them hot! Am I weird? A lot of quiches are meant to be served at room temperature, and people eat hard boiled eggs cold without batting an eye. (She wasn't saying I'm weird. I just kind of got to wondering. Am I alone in this?)


  1. I tend to make a bunch of freezer items ahead of time to make lunch-packing easier. One of the things I make is little pancakes, maybe 2-3 inches across. Sometimes plain, sometimes pumpkin, sometimes blueberry, and I'll pack them up in stacks of three in some foil along with a sliced up bit of sausage, and throw the lot in a giant ziploc, and into the freezer it goes. One foil pack = one lunch, along with a little container of syrup and the rest of my lunch (usually a bit of plain yogurt and frozen berries).

    1. My freezer stash does have some things like that, like the blintzes, some homemade, some not (again--like the blintzes). Your way sounds really well organized!

  2. I can't eat scrambled eggs if they're cold, but I have a hard time eating eggs in general. I used to love hard boiled eggs and those were fine cold, but unless eggs are in a burrito or as part of a breakfast sandwich or in some other way covered with other flavor a (cheese or some syrup) then I can't eat them.


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