Sakura 3-Tier Bento #50

A lot of this was done the night before, when I realized I wasn't going to get a lunch if I didn't do some prep work (this is unusual for me). Right now I'm still dealing with blizzard fallout (mostly my own, less so than the stores, but the stores have issues, too, sometimes--including jacking up the prices of certain things, and I'm not paying $5/pound for broccoli--just not), so you're going to see a little creative scrounging this week.

Carrot-apple salad (which I sometimes call "carrot slaw" but since this had so much apple it didn't quite qualify) a little cup of a ham-cream cheese spread I made (not enough ham for ham salad, but this worked), roasted grape tomatoes (recipe here), Persian cucumber slices, and mini toast squares.

Surprisingly, I pulled this off without it seeming like scrounging. I will be trying that ham thing again, believe me.


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