Insulated Jar & Sides #32

Mini croutons (soup mandeln, if you're looking for these), creamy asparagus-pea soup, blackberries, and some Polish raspberry chocolates.

I made this soup because I bought some asparagus that was slightly sad but very cheap at a local store. (I've been thinking I should blog this store sometime, if I didn't feel so self-conscious about taking photos there. It's not quite a dedicated produce market and not quite a grocery store, and all the produce is extremely cheap, if mildly sad.) Yesterday you saw it as a garnish; today it is the main event. I didn't have almond milk so I used a peculiar new plant milk I had seen, Veggemo. (Veganism, as I've read many times, is all about variety through restriction.) Anyway, this milk is not really any good for drinking or putting in cereal, but it works out fine for cooking, and it's a lot thicker than soy or almond milk, so it worked well in this soup. I liked this soup a lot, actually, although I like asparagus too much as it is to make it unless the asparagus was sad already and needed some help.


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