Skater Lunch Box #26

Braised green beans (see Monday's post for the saga that has me scratching my head about whether they're vegan or not--the ingredient list suggests they should be, but...anyway) and some of a leftover casserole I made (a veganized chicken and stuffing casserole with mixed veggies).

The chicken substitute is Gardein Chick'n Scallopini, if that matters.

This doesn't look like much but it was so homey and comforting! Stuffing is one of my favorite things. If I had this to do over I'd put in some more colorful veggies, but this wasn't light on veggies by any means--celery, onion, peas, corn, green beans, and mushrooms are all in there, though not too obviously for the most part. As I was cooking this, I kept saying to myself, "Wow, I eat a lot of vegetables now" (not that it should be surprising for a vegan to eat lots of veggies, but still).


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