Insulated Jar & Sides #34

Cucumbers tossed with rice vinegar and black and white sesame seeds, Japanese-style veggie and edamame fried rice (from Trader Joe's--too much going on to actually cook), and raspberries stuffed with chocolate chips.

The Trader Joe's fried rice was so good. It was also embarrassingly simple to prep--take out of the freezer, cut a corner in the bag, then microwave for a few minutes. I prefer to cook my own food, especially something as inexpensive and easy to do as fried rice; however, you can't do everything all the time, and this week is really hectic, with some late nights and early mornings. I dream of a time when I can live a life worthy of envy from strangers on the internet, complete with all-from-scratch meals and a perfect apartment, but real life rarely lives up to fantasy.


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