Laptop Lunches #287

Garlic peas, pita crackers, strawberries, a mini mince pie, cocoa-coated almonds, and cubed avocado with salt and pepper.

Sometimes lunch is just what you happen to have. In such cases, I try to make it colorful, because then I at least hit a lot of nutritional high points. Some British friends of mine sent me the mini mince pies--aren't they cute?

Avocados were on sale for 67 cents each. It probably had something to do with the Super Bowl. I only bought two big ones, because I know not to go crazy, but I'm pretty sad that avocados aren't usually of a price that makes them as easy to choose as, say, broccoli or an orange. That's what I get for living so far north. But avocados are still one of nature's most delightful foods, nonetheless.


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