Temari Rabbit 2-Tier Bento #102

Some seasoned corn, roasted grape and cherry tomatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts with sweet chili sauce, golden sesame tofu, and rice with a makeshift furikake (scallions and black sesame seeds).

I was pretty pleased with this. I had been at the store and about to buy broccoli and stopped myself. I was in a green vegetable rut and needed to break out. These were good, though I think the sauce is pretty overpowered by the roasted sprouts, so maybe if I make it again I'll use more sauce.

As for the sesame tofu--you have to make this! It was pretty easy and it tasted fantastic both hot and crispy right when I made it and as leftovers at room temperature later. I had some leftover after that that I chopped up into some ramen noodles and it was good like that, too.

The tomatoes were a recipe from my omnivore days that is easy to carry over into vegan life. I hadn't considered putting them with Asian food before but they work well here.


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