Restaurant Review: Drop Squad Kitchen

I nearly forgot I was going to tell you about this, but a while ago I ate at Drop Squad Kitchen in Wilmington, Delaware. It is, so I am told, the only vegan restaurant in Delaware. It is being run out of a dairy ice cream shop, which is confusing, but when I was there there was no ice cream being served. It is also really hard to find, in the back of a sort of strip mall facing the river.

I had a cheeseburger with sweet potato chips and a pink lemonade.

The burger patty and cheese were good, but the bun was cold. And I don't even mean untoasted, I mean cold. Strikingly, unappetizingly cold. But that's an easy fix, if they want to fix it.
I get that people like sweet potato chips and fries and sometimes I'm in the mood for them myself. That said, why do all these vegan fast food places do sweet potato versions of these things and not the ordinary white potato kind? Because I was more in the mood for regular potato chips and that wasn't an option. Again, an easy fix, if they want to take it on.
The lemonade was good, but pricey.

General thoughts: I'd try this place again if I was passing through Wilmington, but I'd probably try something other than a burger, given the whole cold bun situation. They have mac and cheese and judging from the cheese on the burger I can imagine it's really good. I was also intrigued by their vegan ribs. 3/5


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