ECO Lunchbox Three-in-One #68

Blueberry, arugula, and toasted walnut salad with a citrus vinaigrette (I veganized this recipe by using vegan honey), some potato and mushroom Zrazy (potato cakes filled with a mushroom-dill filling), the extra filling I had left over, and vegan sour cream.

My neighbor announced she was going on a new diet and potatoes were no longer allowed, but she had a full five-pound bag. I had already bought potatoes for some other things I had planned but I took hers, too, and here was I with about 8 pounds of potatoes to get through. You are going to see a lot of potatoes.

Not wanting to go the mashed potatoes and potato salad route exclusively, these potato cakes were a good thing to try. I really liked them, especially with sour cream, and they weren't that challenging for me but less experienced cooks might have trouble with the filling process. I loved how well these held together.

The salad was also quite good. All in all an excellent, if unusual, meal.


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