Lunchopolis #49

Arugula, avocado, tomato, and pine nut salad; croutons; a quick homemade lemon dressing; cantaloupe; and some of yesterday's white bean salad.

The arugula salad was really, really good. I'll make it again, probably. Maybe sometime I'll even find the grapefruit vinegar the recipe developer used, but the usual lemon dressing I used with arugula did just fine here. Also, planning to make it gave me an excuse to go looking for vegan croutons...that was weirdly impossible in the regular section of the grocery store, but the kosher section came through for me again. (Milk, everywhere, but kosher croutons tend to be vegan--even, curiously, the Caesar ones (these aren't Caesar, though, they're onion flavor). I see a vegan Caesar salad in my future, perhaps.)


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