Skater Lunch Box #38

Boxty and vegan bacon on a bed of arugula with some vegan sour cream and a scallion garnish.

Boxty are Irish potato pancakes. (What else but potatoes, right? Well, I'm down to a few pounds of potatoes now.) I made the actual boxty from this recipe, substituting already-leftover mashed potatoes I had, but I chose to serve them in a more typical way.

The vegan bacon is Lightlife. It is not great; I prefer several other brands. But Lightlife was the only one at the store I visited, so Lightlife it was.

The boxty, on the other hand, are awesome. I don't know what miracles are performed by making cakes out of both mashed potatoes and grated potatoes, but something miraculous does happen. I highly recommend it.


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