Monbento Original #3 (Double Tier)

Garlic toast, sauteed green and yellow squash with Italian seasonings and non-dairy Parmesan, and linguine with Gardein meatballs and more Parmesan.

I had bought these things for when my guest was visiting and had some left, so that made for a no-brainer lunch today.


  1. OMG yes!!! This looks so good! I've been craving garlic bread so much, I really need to make some. Do you use the Follow Your Heart parmesan shreds? I've never tried them but they look so good. How are they if that's what you use?

    1. I've had Follow Your Heart and so far it's my favorite, but this was from Good Planet, and also good.

  2. Yay for delicious no-brainer lunches! I haven't cooked with squash yet this summer; I need to get on that!

  3. Leftovers make the easiest lunches! I pretty much always take leftovers for lunch because I don't have time most mornings to put something together.


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