Skater Lunch Box #68

Nectarine chunks and some of the same pesto pasta salad you saw late last week with grape tomatoes (the recipe will be given in a later post). I also added some extra dressing and extra olives.

This was a pretty simple meal, but very satisfying. I absolutely love nectarines this time of year.

Edited to add: My posts are usually scheduled in advance, and this one has been scheduled for a while. I want to acknowledge all that's happened, but I honestly have no idea what to say about the violence over the weekend. I will continue to do my best to effect change where I can, when I can, and I hope everyone who can do something, will do something. Let's love as best we can, fight as hard as we can for good causes, and be vigilant in taking care of ourselves so we keep going as long as possible. Every act of kindness in a violent society is a demonstration of courage. Sometimes even acts of kindness for ourselves take bravery. Stay kind and courageous out there.


  1. Looks like a lovely summery lunch!

    It has been really terrible. As someone watching from Australia, it is very hard to comprehend what goes on over there in terms of gun violence. It is a really rough world, acts of kindness are so important.

  2. Summer fruit is the best fruit! Ever since I saw the pesto here I've been wanting a pesto pasta salad and I don't even really eat pasta that much! it looks so delicious and this is a perfect summer bento!

    And yes, the violence and hate has been awful and disgusting. It's scary to think that every single time we leave our house we have to worry about violence and the what ifs. It's so sad that so many lives are lost because of hate in someone's heart. I pray that we can come together and at least take steps toward fixing the problem. We need to honor those that are lost rather than focusing on the individuals who carry out these acts. When we focus on them and give them that attention we are giving them what they want. Thank you for your words and I agree, acts of kindness are so important in showing that there is still some good in the world.

    1. Thanks. This pesto pasta salad is one of my favorite things!

      I feel like the conversations around the violence have shifted somewhat. I find at least some hope in that.

  3. Looking forward to your pesto pasta salad recipe!
    And thank you for what you have written <3


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