Lunchbots Quad #15

Improvisational trail mix (peanuts, Craisins, and dark chocolate chips), celery sticks, nectarine slices, a couple of no-bake vanilla cake bites (recipe from the Minimalist Baker), and some peanut butter (for the celery).

You didn't see lunch yesterday because I took a sick day; today's lunch reflects my overall low energy levels and disinterest in actual cooking. But it was filling enough, and one of few lunches appropriate for the Lunchbots box. (Lunchbots boxes require dry ingredients; they leak and the dividers have a gap at the bottom so anything runny will try to befriend what is next to it.)

The cake bites were good, but the recipe claims are a bit much for me--these tasted, not like cake, but like date-walnut bites. If you like dates and walnuts, though, it really is a pretty great recipe.

Still not sure it does anything for me to cut back on gluten, but this lunch is gluten free.


  1. I like the trail mix idea! And celery and peanut butter is always a winner.
    I find that most of those ball type things never taste like what they claim to be, though I have had some good cookie dough balls!
    That reminds me I was going to send you a carrot cake ball recipe, do you have an email or somewhere I can sent it?

    1. Thanks, yes, I'm looking forward to that! You can message me through Facebook, if you want:

    2. Also, if you want I can email you from my personal account, if there's a place you want to direct me. It's weird that Blogger doesn't really have a secure way of doing that. I'm happy to share my email address with you if I can do it without sharing with the world at large!

  2. I'm sorry that you were not feeling well! I love making my own trail mix. This looks like a really great snacky type meal which is one of my favorite kinds of meals. The cake bites sound really yummy.

  3. Your trail mix looks great, and I love the little peanut butter container!


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