Monbento Original #14 (Single Tier)

Improvisational bean salad (canned beans, red onion, and vinaigrette), some apple energy bites (recipe from Life Made Sweeter), potato salad of a sort, and cucumbers tossed with chopped tomato.

This lunch was from before the accident and I was trying to eat things up rather than buy new things. I was intrigued by the Joy of Cooking's suggested add-ins for potato salad so I put black olives in it; I don't think I'm likely to do that again but it was fine.

I liked the apple bites, but then, I seem to like most energy ball type things.

As for the rest of things, thank you for your kind comments. Getting my car fixed turned out to be a major saga involving parts that couldn't be obtained, workers being on strike against their company, a body shop tech who went on vacation, etc., and I don't yet have it back. I'm still very stressed out and working on minimizing the stress. I don't expect my posting schedule to make a whole lot of sense for a while, but I will drop in where I can.


  1. I have had a car in the shop for ages after someone hit it, and it is so frustrating. Especially given that you were not at fault, but you are the one who has to continue to suffer because of it!

  2. The apple bites sound lovely! I'm sorry it's been so difficult getting your car fixed; I hope everything works out soon!


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