Lunchopolis #79

A Tofurky and Violife cheddar sandwich, salad toppings (Bac'n Bits, croutons, and a quick homemade dressing), salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber), and some chocolate-almond bark.

This was Kind brand chocolate-almond bark. It wasn't as good as what I am used to, but it did the job.


  1. Oh, I meant to tell you I have been doing your trick of mixing some mayo with a store bought dressing (balsamic dressing in this case) and it is SO GOOD!

    1. Something about vinaigrette other people make is too strong! I may be unsophisticated but I feel like mayo (or Vegenaise, in my case) fixes nearly everything.

    2. It is always Vegenaise for me as well. It is the best mayo!


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