Laptop Lunches #100

Tortellini with proscuito and spring vegetables (America's Test Kitchen Cooking for Two), a fresh fig, sugar snap peas and baby carrots with a cup of yogurt ranch dressing for dipping, and something of my own invention (although I'm sure someone else must have thought of it at sometime too), Shortcut S'mores.

America's Test Kitchen claims this recipe makes two servings, but in my opinion (as with most of their meals), it's four. But that's fine with me.

I am on the fence about buying fresh figs. I've had good ones but this was not a good one--and I don't know how to select them, so as to get good ones. Am I just too early in the season? All very confusing.

And now, a recipe:

Shortcut S'mores

Graham crackers
Marshmallow fluff/creme

Spread one graham cracker with marshmallow fluff. Spread the other with Nutella. Sandwich. Repeat as often as needed, but not so often that you have to take up sumo wrestling.


  1. S'mores are my favorite part of summer. Anything that combines Nutella and graham crackers has to taste delicious in my book.


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