Laptop Lunches #98

Cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas with yogurt ranch for dipping, the last bit of the chocolate cake (this time with no powdered sugar), an egg star, leftover salisbury steak, and leftover mashed potatoes.

Dr. J. H. Salisbury believed fruit, veggies, and grains would kill us, but beef would cure all ailments. He came up with Salisbury steak and said we should all eat it three times a day, with lots of water. I wouldn't recommend that diet myself, but it is a tasty meal on occasion. This recipe (Asian Salisbury Steak, from Eating Well Serves Two) really needed an egg to hold the meat together. Otherwise, it tasted perfectly respectable and wasn't too much trouble. I'm a fan of anything I can manage to do in a toaster oven, and this was mostly cooked in a toaster oven. I just made the sauce on the stove.

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