Laptop Lunches #101

Honey and ginger-infused Love Beets, avocado chunks, carrot sticks and a cherry tomato with yogurt ranch dip, zucchini bread (America's Test Kitchen Cooking for Two 2010), Rainier cherries, and a Saturn peach.

Several new things today! I do love the "Love Beets" and will have to try some of their other flavors. I had reached the conclusion that expecting myself to do the work of (and get stained by) cooking and peeling beets myself just wasn't worth it.

Rainier cherries made me realize what all the fuss about cherries is. I was standing there in the grocery store saying to myself, "I already tried cherries," but I figured, they do look a lot different, so...amazing.

Much the same could be said about the Saturn peach, which was slightly pricier than a regular peach. I rationalized that the pit must be much smaller (it is), and thus...took the plunge. They're great--sweeter than regular peaches, and less fuzzy. Plus, they fit in the box, which is always a plus--sort of a flat disk (like Saturn's rings, maybe?).

The zucchini bread is very sweet, more like cake than anything, but a nice way to use up that bit of zucchini I had left from the tarts I made. One problem: it made a little too much batter for the pan size indicated. I made the mistake of shrugging when I poured it in and saying, "Surely they must know what they're doing/saying." Well, no. It ran over the sides and now I will need to clean my oven. So if you make this recipe, have a few mini muffin cups on hand for the extra. (Incidentally, though they say it serves two, I beg to differ. It serves four. But I don't quibble with that in baked goods--you do want more than two servings, just not 8-12.)

Here's to eating in season!

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