Laptop Lunches #107

Galia melon, marinated tofu (America's Test Kitchen Cooking for Two 2010), Moroheiya noodle salad, and carrot-beet salad.

The marinated tofu recipe is one of the add-ons in the Cooking for Two books for using stuff up. I'm gradually finding that those recipes are great go-to recipes for quick things to whip up that don't involve a gazillion dishes to wash later, in contrast to most of their other recipes. This one is great. You just stir everything up and let it sit there for a bit, then top it with scallions and sesame seeds. I bought the tofu just for the use it up recipe. Tofu is cheap and I should do more with it. What do you like to do with tofu?

I was disappointed that the Moroheiya noodles didn't retain their distintive bright green color when dressed for the salad (I blame the soy sauce), but they did taste pretty good, and I'm very impressed that they have six grams of fiber per serving. They were a new one for me (and maybe, given all that's happened for me this week, new food experiments are cheating death, but I lived), and I rather like them.

I am also somewhat impressed that I managed to make a vegan meal not only satisfactory, but appealing. I know others out there are blogging vegan lunches, and I'm always amazed at what they manage to come up with--it takes creativity, that's for sure!

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