Laptop Lunches #249

An experimental shrimp and pasta salad, cucumber spears, baby carrots, fruit salad (pummelo, cantaloupe, and grapes), yogurt ranch dressing, and mixed grape tomatoes.

There is a grocery store here with a salad bar selling the most amazing pasta salad with tiny shrimp. This particular experiment resulted in not quite the right flavor, so I won't give you the recipe yet--but I will say that tiny shrimp in a can is a revelation! There will be more of that in my life! The main problem, I think, is that I used light mayo, and from what I can tell this stuff is calling out for the real, full fat version. At home, I tried adding parmesan cheese; although definitely not the grocer's version it did taste good. Ah, well, we press on.

I bought the cantaloupe because it was on sale, but egads if I am not getting tired of cantaloupe! Single people cannot eat melons. It's like some sort of rule. One can only buy the little cup of cut melon that costs three times as much as a whole melon, so one does not eat melon.

Question for other lunch bloggers out there, based on some reactions to this lunch: Does your packed lunch provoke other people to say judgmental things to you about how you choose to use your time or what you choose to eat? How do you respond?


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