Pack-a-Snack #28

I'm excited about two things today. One, my internet service is back. (Water got inside the lines, and when they froze, it cut it off. Hence, the wonky internet.) Two, I get to tell you about these pink eggs! I showed you some slightly less pink eggs a few days ago. These are pink. Shocking, glorious pink.

What I did was this:

Very Pink Eggs

Put a peeled, hard boiled egg into the juice left over from pickled beets and onions. Leave for about two days. Halve and scoop out yolks. Mash yolks with a bit of mayo, some of the pickled onions, and salt and pepper. Stuff yellows (now a slightly orange color from the pink onions) back into the now-pink whites.

These have a strong beet taste. I love beets, so I love that--but you've been warned!

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  1. I'm stopping on by from Gluten Free Wednesdays. I cannot wait to make these for my ultra-pink loving kiddos. Who and I kidding - I want them for me! Thanks so much for sharing this idea. :)

  2. Those look great
    I would love if you would share on my Friday Favorites linkup!


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