Pack-a-Snack #30

I thought I would be eating this snack, packed in the two small Lunchopolis containers, with hot tea, so I packed a very teatime-like snack, but the office was out of anything that wasn't caffeinated (I don't do caffeine). I had hot cocoa instead. Hot cocoa doesn't really go with cucumber-and-cream-cheese sandwiches, but it goes reasonably well with mini chocolate almond biscotti. (Yes, I know cocoa has trace amounts of caffeine; it is not the same thing, according to my doctor, who thankfully does allow me to have chocolate. I can live without caffeine; chocolate I am not so sure of.)

Another reason was that the grocery store was out of the bread I would usually buy, and I ended up with a small loaf of extremely thin-sliced white instead. It was practically begging to be turned into cucumber sandwiches.


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