Sakura 3-Tier Bento #13

This was a snow day, sort of. We had a delayed opening, but they called me at about 5:00 AM to let me know I need not report until 10:00. So considerate of them. Thus, I was awake and had extra time. What does one do with extra time? One makes sushi, of course!

The top tier has avocado and cucumber sushi, with a little apple-head bottle of soy sauce. The middle tier has cantaloupe chunks. The bottom tier has smoked salmon and avocado sushi, with a little duckie bottle of soy sauce.

All in all, quite good! I finally learned to season sushi rice properly. This was too light to eat on a day when I had breakfast at the usual time, but since I had a pretty late breakfast (the ends of sushi and whatnot), it worked out. I still haven't learned how to get just the right amount of rice, or how to get the fillings really in the middle, but I'm still proud of this.


  1. I'm impressed! Making sushi in the morning. I would have gone back to sleep for a couple more hours if I had been in that situation. :)

    1. I couldn't get back to sleep and I felt antsy, so sushi was a good solution. I would have loved to have the extra sleep!

  2. Looks good! Sushi making in the morning is quite challenging so I am impressed. I could eat sushi (almost) every day and it's so much cheaper to make your own than to buy it!


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