Lunchopolis #11

A banana, sliced in half, three leftover raggmunkar (Swedish pancakes), dried mango-oat pieces, lingonberry jam, and bacon.

The raggmunkar is from lytkabento, or at least the mix I used to make them is. So is the lingonberry jam. The pancakes are hard to describe. If scallion pancakes tasted like potatoes instead of scallions, though, that would perhaps get at the texture. They're not like the bready American pancakes; they're too thick to be like crepes. I don't know if I really cooked them well enough, since they look so much lighter than the picture on the box, but I liked them, and her suggestion to serve them with bacon and lingonberry jam made them even better (especially the bacon). I think when I was making them I was looking for the bubbles that would tell me to flip them, but there were never any bubbles--they just got a little puffy.

Thanks again, lytkabento!


  1. I'm glad you liked raggmunk! And, no, they don't bubble like american pancakes, there is no baking powder or baking soda in the batter. We cook them thinner than your pancakes, almost like crepes. The nonpowder version is just milk, eggs, flour and grated raw potatoes.


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