Laptop Lunches #254

A chile-cheese tamale; leftover vegetarian chili, mixed fruit (mango, kiwi, and starfruit); and silicone cups of sour cream, scallion, and cheddar cheese.

This lunch comes with tragedy. The idea was to top the tamale with chili and heat it up in the microwave, which I did. I have had my Laptop Lunches box for maybe five or so years, and I have microwaved lots of stuff in it (these containers are microwave safe, after all!), without incident. This time, the chili may have stained the blue container.

I hate it when stuff like that happens, but we'll see if it wears off--sometimes that happens, and after airing out a little, it's become less noticeable, I guess through the magic of sunlight or something. That is, after all, how the beet stains gradually fade.

The meal was good, but that will be overshadowed by the scarred lunchbox. And they don't even make this one anymore. This was the original box. Today's version looks quite different; you don't have the little slots in the box to keep your containers in place, etc. I am sure I will get over this travesty, but I'm rather sad for the moment. Does anyone have advice for de-staining plastic? I'm guessing that's just not possible.

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  1. I'm sorry for your box! Stained plastic always looks so bad… But I think you can still buy replacement containers for the original laptop lunchbox at their website!

  2. Fill the container with hot water and drop a denture cleaning tablet in. Or make a paste with baking soda and dish detergent, scrub the stain with that. I have had luck with both of these methods.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I don't have any denture cleaning tablets around here, but baking soda I can do.


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