Sakura 3-Tier Bento #16

Nectarine slices, kiwi slices, a S'mores chocolate, gummy bears, cherry tomatoes, edamame in a silicone clover, cucumber slices, baby carrots, a clover cup with yogurt-ranch dressing, and tuna cakes on a bed of spinach.

This is my nod to St. Patrick's Day--subtle, and thus work appropriate. Each tier has some green in it--actually a couple of different greens (kiwi/gummy bear/edamame/cucumber/clover cup/spinach/parsley in the tuna cakes)--and I have a few clovers.

The tuna cakes were made of leftover mashed potatoes and a can of tuna, with some seasonings and an egg to hold them together. They turned out really well. You can make such things to fit any container you like, which is one reason I like to make patties of various things (although come to think of it I haven't done this in quite some time).

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