ToGoWare 2-Tier Tiffin #2

Spinach, strawberry, and chicken salad with sesame seeds and a bit of a homemade honey sesame vinaigrette; a peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie; garlic peas; scallion soda crackers; and slices of smoked gouda.

I almost never use this tiffin because it is so enormous. It is good for very little. But today I wanted this salad, and it's so light I need to eat a lot of it. If I were more of a bulky salad person, you'd see more of this tiffin. But I'm still glad I have it--at this point I have a suitable lunch container for almost anything I want to pack! (See, there is a point to this collection.) Tiffins are most popular in India.

In case you're wondering, yes, I also have a lunch box suitable for the more typical packed lunch of my middle-America childhood--a sandwich with a piece of fruit or a cupcake or something--but of course I pretty well never pack that, either.

The salad was really very good! And the soda crackers, which were one of the things I bought at the Asian market, were nice, too--envision oniony saltines.

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