Temari Rabbit Bento Bowl #1

When I ordered the Temari Rabbit bento box, I also ordered the matching bowl. I figured it was time to have something I could carry soup in.

This soup is a hodgepodge of leftover veggies, chicken broth, frozen meatballs, and leftover rice. It tasted good, but I made the mistake I always make, and put in too much rice. By the time I ate it, it wasn't soup anymore so much as very wet rice. Oh, well. It tasted good.

The top tier (the red one) has sautéed apple slices with cinnamon sugar on them. I thought that I should have my fruit hot to try to keep everything else hot; as it was by the time I ate it, it was definitely warmer than room temperature but not quite as warm as I might have liked. The bag doesn't insulate as well as I hoped.

A good lunch overall, though.


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