ECO Lunchbox Three-in-One #34

Green bean-red pepper-potato salad, applesauce, stuffed eggs (with Parmesan cheese in the mix), and mini stroopwafels.

I tried a new recipe here, the green bean-red pepper-potato salad from Going Solo in the Kitchen. It makes a lot more than a single serving in my opinion, and I had more than twice as much as you see here, but that's fine because it keeps well in the fridge. It was fine; not something I'd go out of my way to have again but I would definitely make again if things lined up the way they did this time, which was that I had found the green beans, pepper, and red-skinned potatoes all on sale and bought them without a plan, then discovered the recipe that put them all together.

I added Parmesan to the egg because I thought maybe I should have a little more protein and my other meals have been light on dairy lately. But whatever reason, you should try this sometime--it was really quite nice. (Unsurprising, given the success of Caesar salad stuffed eggs.)


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