Insulated Jar & Sides #8

Kiwi, improvisational cream of vegetable soup, and croutons (for the soup).

The soup was loosely based on potato soup but I had other stuff to throw in--mushrooms, broccoli, and cauliflower--which I added some scallion to as a garnish and for some more flavor sauteed with the mushrooms. I may be half-crazy to make soup in the morning but it's really not that big of a deal when most of the vegetables are cooked already and I'm just tossing stuff in a pot to simmer while I get ready. My only real mistake was trying to put cheese in the soup. (I did, but it kind of sank to the bottom and I couldn't get it to blend well with the cream).

I just wish this jar would keep my food a little warmer. It wasn't cold, and it wasn't lukewarm, but it wasn't really hot, either, even though I gave it the boiling water treatment in the morning. Oh, well. I still have plans to get a better insulated jar sometime, though.


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