Lunchopolis #18

Iceberg lettuce/tomato/red onion salad with avocado dressing, spinach and garlic potato thins, a cup of Bac'n Pieces, and applesauce with cranberry relish.

They said you could thin the avocado dressing out with water, but I didn't want to dilute the flavor too much, so this was thick, the consistency of slightly thin guacamole. But it mixed well with the lettuce salad and the Bac'n Pieces, and though it wasn't the prettiest thing once assembled, I really enjoyed it.

Vegan again, two days in a row. What is up with that, huh? Not gluten free today. I can't make everybody happy all the time. If you can have gluten though, these potato thins are really wonderful.

Mini hiatus coming up as I am off on vacation for a bit. Maybe more like a long weekend, really, but if you don't (as I don't) take trips much (anymore), it's kind of a thrill.


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